We build and lease beautifully sustainable e-bikes to share with you and the rest of the world (Well, at least that is our mission).

This is the easiest way for you to ride an electric bike. Let's get down to it.

£55 per month

Sustainable, high quality e-bike

Ready for you this October
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100% sustainable

Everything we do benefits our lovely planet and its' inhabitants. Our bikes start life as beautiful steel frames that have served humanoids through 000's of miles of cycling and already offset the carbon required to pull the iron out of the ground and process the steel.

What drives us

We imagine a future where everyone has access to an e-bike and bike graveyards are a thing of the past. We strive to be carbon neutral at every stage of our production, distribution, use, re-use and disposal of any products and services we use or supply.


Just because you are leasing a bike, it doesnt mean it has to be the same bike as everyone else! You can choose whether or not to have a front basket or rear luggage rack at no extra cost. You can even choose the colour!

At your service

From the moment you reserve your bike we provide local and personal support. From choosing your add-ons through to bike fitting and ongoing road support. If you need roadside assistance we’ll be there!


Our bikes are converted using state-of-the-art technology to mid-drive e-bikes and leased to you. The motors are supplied by Bafang - which also supplies many of the largest e-bike hire businesses around the world.


Through our awesome charity partner, Cycle of Good, a bike is given to Charity when you reserve your e-bike. These bikes go on to support the successful growth of social enterprise in Malawi, Africa.

How it works



Email us today and you can reserve with a no questions asked deposit of 3 months up front using the button below and join the ranks of our lucky riders who get to enjoy the ride of our solid e- bikes.



We'll contact you personally to discuss your preferences. From whether you would like a carry basket on the front and whether you would like it in your favourite colour!



You will be given an estimated delivery date. On that day the bike will be delivered to you personally (covid safe of course) and we will the bike is set to maximum comfort.
Email us to reserve your eBike!


Will the bike be mine to own forever?

No, this is a lease service but you are free to customise, e.g. add baby carriers and child seats, remove parts as long as when you return it, its as lovely as when you received it, it's all good. Of course we understand daily wear and tear, but our all inclusive servicing should mean your bike stays as new forever!

What happens if the bike gets stolen?

We will provide a lock and insurance. If your bike gets stolen while locked up we will provide you with a replacement within 24 hours of taking the details of the theft.

Does it have to be an electric bike?

If you would prefer a lease bike without a motor that can be arranged, please get in touch with us here.

What lock should I use to lock the bike?

We will provide a Sold Secure Bike Lock. We have to stop those thieves from stealing bikes!

Can I get more technical info about the bike?

Of course - we have detailed specs we are happy to share. Please get in touch with us here.

is it very different to a regular bike?

Yes - its more fun! We have opportunities for you to test ride our beautiful bicycles, get in touch and we'd be more than happy to oblige :)


Cycle of Good is helping to end poverty in Malawi through the use of bicycles as a source of social enterprise.

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Workshop conveniently located inside Richmond Station means we are ready to help you whenever you need.

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